This Website

With a focus on a minimalistic asthetic, this website was made with vanilla HTML and CSS.

It also incorporates elements of responsive design, has an email form, and a custom search box.

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Robotics Team Website

This was a website made for my robotics team using HTML and Twitter's Bootstrap framework.

It features a single page design with striking fullscreen parallax elements.

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Robotics Website


Autonomous Vehicles

CAVAS is University at Buffalo's autonomous vehicle initiative.

We have various sensors, including camera and lidar, mounted on a Lincoln MKZ which can be driven autonomously using drive-by-wire. The drive computer uses Autoware, a software stack based on ROS, to process sensor data and control the vehicle.

I personally developed the object detection, sensor fusion, and obstacle avoidance software for this project.

Project website

Robotics Vision Processing

Designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, this is a localization program that can determine a robot's 3D position and rotation relative to two strips of retroreflective tape.

This program uses OpenCV for vision processing and was used as part of the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition.

I also contributed a lot to the rest of my robotics team's codebase, which can be found here.

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Button Game

Motor Learning Program

This program was written as part of a paper submitted to a 2018 IEEE conference.

It uses the Unity3D engine and Leap Motion infrared sensor to collect data on stroke patients while they perform a motor learning assessment.

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